An Ever-Changing Landscape

Requires Evolving Solutions

Information Technology is changing every day, and it gets harder and harder to keep up. Let us worry about the details so you can focus on your business.

We Now Offer

Smart Home Services

With smart home tech becoming more available, it is important to make sure that you have the privacy and ease of use you need. We can help you simplify setup and make sure your smart home network is efficient and secure.

Network Security Solutions

To Keep You Safe

Cyber attacks are increasing in both severity and frequency all around you. Over 56% of Americans do not know what steps to take in a data breach; don't be part of that number. Cybersecurity practices are hard to spin up from scratch. But we've managed a wide varitey of security solutions, so let's chat about that.

What's Your Tech Strategy?

Does it Work?

Let's sit down and talk strategy. Everything from new technology rollouts to network operations. With a proper strategy, you can't fail.

About us

We're All About Innovative Solutions

Run by nerds, and proud of it. We've seen a lot, and that experience helps us create solutions for your home, business, or educational institution.




Our Mission

As technology makes great strides, don’t be left in the dust. Let’s utilize modern tech in your home and business without the confusion; and connect you and your businesses to the world safely and effectively.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide affordable and secure technology services, while helping all realize the importance of technology and utilize it to its full potential in their day to day lives.

Our Services

Fit Any Budget

We can help you find out what is possible, impossible, and everything in-between. Take a look at our full service offerings by clicking the button below.

Wired + Wireless Solutions

Almost everyone uses Wi-Fi on a daily basis. Make sure your connection is reliable and up to date. Let's not forget about secure wired and wireless networks! Ask us about moving to Wi-Fi 6 or 6E (trust us, it is awesome). Or let's do a site survey to determine your wireless coverage needs. Indoor or outdoor, we can help.

Security and Risk Management

Think about your data...how valuable is it to your organization? What would happen if there were a cyber security incident? As Certified Network Defenders, we can help you get started on utilizing policy, procedure and technology in order to reduce the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences that could arise if data is not protected

Managed IT/Endpoint Management

It can be hard to keep up with the changes in technologies, especially when you want to keep your organization safe from cyber incidents. Let us take care of that for you with Managed IT. Policies, security, software/hardware deployment, patch management, printer management...you name it. Contact us for a quote!

IT Strategy And Optimization

Effective optimization of IT projects is critical for all enterprises. It can boost profits, retain students and/or staff and even make some headaches go away (maybe...we'd like to think so on that one). Wherever you are in the process, we can assist in discovering, developing, launching and maintaining IT strategy.


Virtualization is growing at a rapid pace. More and more people are realizing the cost savings of virtualizing their infrastructure. We can help you plan your virtualization journey and show off how the benefits will literally change the way you work.

Technologies And Innovations

Talk to us about staying current (and future-proofing) your infrastructure and other tech. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Better backups? More robust security practice? Better ticketing and reporting? Let's sit down and discuss pain points. We've seen a lot and can help be a guide to make your vision a reality.


We have the best customers!

Zach is my go-to guy for all things technology not only for my personal technology issues, but with my business’s technology issues. He answers all your questions in a timely and professional manner. He forms a relationship with all clients which makes him very approachable for any issues that you have, big or small!

Morgan J. – Dan Realty Group

Zack was great to work with. I would recommend his company to anyone looking to make upgrades to their network.

Michael B. – Senasys

Zack is awesome to work with. He will go out of his way to make sure everything you need is done to one’s standards. Not to mention he is very friendly and very patient with one’s need. I will not work with anybody else. You rock Zack, keep up the amazing work!

Jamie H., Owner – JTT Barbershop

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